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According to Wikipedia, Micropayment is a term that we use to categories small amount of payments which occurs for online services. In micropayment, there isn’t a psychical goods transfer. It could be either for an online document, an application or even donation to a charity.

ea300notepad“Twollars, allow its users to transact with virtual currencies, which is exchangeable for real money, in support of a cause, such as Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong or the Water Project” (Zeledon, M 2009)

On the other hand, Micropayment system is not a feasible way now for buyers or payers as there are other methods which would cover this already. For instance Google has announced it’s micropayment  tool for application publishers; One Pass, in spring of 2011, which was criticized by many (e.g. Why Google’s One Pass Could Be a Ticket to Nowhere, Ingram M, 2011) before it was open to the public. Google shuts down the service in 2012 spring cleaning.

Most important security option that micropayments supposed to bring was Anonymity to both, consumer and merchant which is actually still bit vague. It also has options like traceability.



Zeledon, M 2009, ‘Micropayments: Where Charity and Social Networks Meet’, Businessweek Online, p. 11, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 25 July 2012.

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