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networksecurityPRJ 1) Tools that listed in Microsoft’s page are quite useful for Windows administrators, although there are other ways to do same job which have been done by those utility software.

I wouldn’t say these are great tools for expert users because, expert users would know where to find those information anyway. For instance if you go to Task Manager, there will be a section which shows how many and which users are logged in the computer (PsLoggedOn)


Or there is another tool which actually shows automatic programmes which start up at the first start (Autoruns), where an expert user may find from “MSConfig” or Regedit. So, these tools would be very helpful for normal user and may help expert users.

One interesting tool that I found was definitely “process explorer”. Windows’ classic Task Manager doesn’t show processes this detailed. It would be definitely useful for experts and normal users. There are similar tools to this from other producers. For instance TrendMicro’s HiJackThis is doing pretty much similar job, in a way of showing running processes or which instances are being called from those processes.



I have also tried Access Enum from Microsoft’s page.


I made this check on my Inetpub folder where I keep some of my webfiles. Result was interesting as it only showed registered users who can access to those folders rather than showing me who accessed before. Therefore I would say it is slightly useless to be as we can find this details (more detailed) from options page.

Another tool I have tried was Mcafee’s Fport. To be honest, it didn’t work on Windows 7. This could be result of Windows 7’s security settings.

Meanwhile, when I tried netstat –an command, it gave me results which Fport supposed to give.



PRJ 2)

I use Teamviewer to log in remote computers often. There are 3 reasons for it;

1)      It works very fast

2)      It is secure, keeps changing its password unless it is meant to have a password set up

3)      Its easy to use for normal users

Teamviewer is such a powerful tool when we need remote access. Easy to download, easy to use. I ask my clients to install it when I need to log in their computers. It has 2 versions. One version allows the person who installs it let someone login to their computer as well as connect others computers. There is another version of it, which is very small; only allow people log in to the computer but doesn’t allow user to connect anywhere.

Teamviewer allow many normal RDC options to users, it has 9 digit computer Id (which is populated from Mac ID and doesn’t change at all) and 4 digit password. So, it is hard to guess somebody’s password and login random computers. There are few software which doesn’t allow people to be touch who connects via Teamviewer. For instance some antivirus software doesn’t let anyone who connects to the computer to touch. So, if its quite secure and useful.


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